The Importance of Teamwork

February 4, 2014

A student at Loyola University Chicago, Raihan Sayeed has participated in a wide variety of extracurricular and educational activities. In 2011, Ray Sayeed shadowed Dr. Prem Rupani, MD, in his clinic, the Sinai Medical Group. Currently, Raihan Sayeed volunteers at the Olympia Fields Hospital in its emergency department. Working in hospitals and medical clinics has demonstrated the benefits of teamwork and how, when everyone works together, it can achieve great things.

In addition teamwork’s efficiency advantage, it has a number of other benefits. One such benefit is improved morale. When employees feel they have more responsibility and control over their work and environment, their morale and quality of work often improves. Increased involvement is also helpful to foster innovation. Innovation is rarely the work of a single unit or person; teams that work together have greater resources to explore different ideas to find the best possible solution. The benefits of teamwork can also help to keep businesses ahead of the curve, making them longer lasting and more stable.