A longtime golfer and current undergraduate student at Loyola University in Chicago, Raihan Sayeed has spent considerable time practicing his game on the course. In particular, Ray Sayeed recognizes the importance of putting in reducing one’s score. Here he presents a quick list of tips to help you improve your green game.

Spend time practicing putting: Many players do not like putting practice because it offers far less glamor than driving, fairway shots, or even chipping. However, a 10-foot putt counts the same as a 300-yard drive and requires just as much practice to perfect.

Perfect your grip: There are many grips out there. Before you can succeed on the green, you must first find a grip that works for you and dedicate yourself to using it during every putt.

Aim short on long putts: On longer putts, many top golfers use a technique known as spot putting. Rather than aiming directly at the hole, they will concentrate on a spot no more than three feet in front of them, which enables them to stay focused and visualize the putt.